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Custom Foam Fabrication

Your company has worked hard to develop a valuable, unique product. Using a stock carton foam-smand some foam peanuts isn't always an option. You need a custom-designed and fabricated, yet cost-effective, solution. That's where F.P. Woll & Company comes in. Our packaging designs have set the benchmark for the industry.

A custom package is more than just die-cut shapes and a box. It requires knowledge of the market and knowledge of the product. Our background as a manufacturer gives us a unique, first-hand insight into not only what is involved in the making of a product, but the realities, both physical and cost, of various methods of shipping and handling.

F.P. Woll's packaging design engineers can get involved at any stage; product development, during a manufacturing run, or even if a custom package already exists and is not performing like you need it to. We have the capacity to work from prints, work from a physical sample, or even work from plain old speculation!

At F.P. Woll & Company, we do not "sub out" our design and fabrication work. Everything happens under our own roof. In this day and age of off-shoring and reverse-engineering, this is an important issue. You can rest assured that you any proprietary information or designs that you or your customer have will remain within these walls. We also have our own tool and die shop, and make all of the necessary tools needed for your project in-house. This enables us to make any necessary changes on the fly. Keeping everything in-house also ensures that the costs remain in tight control.

Here's a list of some types of fabrication processes F.P. Woll & Company employs:

Die-Cutting - We have the ability to not only stamp out low or high volumes of die-cut pieces, but can kiss cut perforations into die-cut shapes as well- giving your package the versatility it needs to handle multiple products in the same family.

Saw-Cutting - Our horizontal and vertical foam saws can cut custom sizes of polyethylene or polyurethane to fit any size requirements you may have.

Hot-wire Cutting - Hot wires are used to trim expanded polystyrene (EPS) to size.

Hot-Wire Fabrication - We have the capacity to make virtually any size or shape package or container your product calls for. Whether it is an individual pack or a multi-pack, the only limits are the ones that may be called for by you.

Assembly - By using either hot-melt or heat-bonding, we can assemble your custom foam parts into finished form, ready for your product to be packed with and shipped! Our sate-of-the art modern equipment allows us to bond a huge variety of strata- wood, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, EPS, foam rubber, corrugated, and the list goes on.

Sheeting - Interleaving and surface protection are important for many products. We can sheet polyethylene, polypropylene, and bubble wrap to any width and size you need, and in any quantity.

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10060 Sandmeyer Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19116
Phone: (215) 934-5966 * Toll Free: (800) 637-9655 * Fax: (215) 934-5973

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Indented bogus paper
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